Exploring an image's origins with the creator behind it.

The Creator

Learn about the creator behind the frame and what it took for that person to be there to create that image.

The Story

Hear how the image was created in all phases of pre-production, production and post-production.

The Edit

See how the image was edited to its final revision before being submitted to the client for publish.

The final image is always more than what meets the eye

It's a single frame but Frame explained explores the story behind it all.
Image of former Medicine360's CEO Jessica Grossman shot by JJ Jumoc-Casas

Never before scenes of
the raw files & outtakes

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look of how the photoshoot unfolded including raw images straight out of the camera.

See what the photographer sees

Learn the thought process behind the post-production, how and why decisions were made to do so and the techniques to pull it off.

The Host

JJ Jumoc-Casas

JJ is a San Francisco based portrait/commercial photographer & cinematographer of 8:45a

He's photographed CEOs, artists, and products for brands large and small.

Ask him about the time he photographed a couple who's net worth is $1.93B. 

About Frame explained

I'm JJ Jumoc-Casas and am a San Francisco-based portrait/commercial photographer and cinematographer. I asked myself "What would I watch and listen to every second of as a photographer?" And for me, I'm constantly learning so hearing from other creatives, their thought processes, and creative vision in turning an image to reality is a no brainer.

And this is how Frame explained was born.

I want to make this series a resource for others to learn from one another. There's a lot that goes into an image and really the final image is more than what meets the eye. 

- JJ

Frame explained is open to all creatives including photographers, cinematographers, editors, stylists, digital artists, producers... anyone who has essentially contributed to or created an image.. who want to share the story behind that image.

The only requirements is being willing and open to talk about yourself and the process in all phases (pre-production, production, and post-production [which you can be as detailed or vague if you prefer to not to share your critical techniques]). 

Ideally, you will be sharing your screen over a video call to go over any supplementary images (location scouts, drafts, outtakes, post-production workflow, etc) so the audience will really get a good grasp of all the work that went into that single frame.

If this interests you and you have an image in mind to explain, please fill out this submission form below.

Frame explained (interview submissions)

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There are no secrets in creating images.

It just takes time and practice to build up expertise and creativity.
Frame explained
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